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Sweet Sleepers believes that each baby is an individual and that a one-size fits-all approach to sleep learning doesn’t work. Through personalized sleep plans and a holistic approach, we nurture healthy sleep habits and encourage babies and children to love the sleep they need.

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Having a newborn baby is the most amazing time for all parents, but coming home from hospital with your little bundle of joy can be daunting! Many new mothers don’t have the support of the extended family, so it’s easy to get confused with all the different advice coming at you, especially when every decision feels so important for you and your baby. Sweet Sleepers can help with that.

We help parents get relevant information and a wealth of knowledge to get an essential boost of confidence for a great start and an even better sleep.

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Sleep is a biological necessity for all children and their parents. I believe in a holistic approach based on realistic expectations and a full understanding of baby sleep needs.

Baby Sleep Consultants, which are worldwide, are renown for their scientific and hands-on approaches.

Everything is taken into consideration: environment, temperament, parenting style, family culture and situation, as well as age, weight, eating habits, and any illness’s or medical conditions/needs which may be affecting your child’s sleep.

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